• 5 Things to Know about Using the IKEA 3D Kitchen Planner

    Posted on June 27, 2013 by Heather in The Abbey Blog.

    5 things to know for ikea kitchen planning

    The IKEA 3D kitchen planner is both a blessing and a curse to use.  When I started using it this week to plan my second IKEA kitchen renovation, I thought the program had been completely overhauled.  Everything was working beautifully…until it wasn’t.

    The main thing you need to know about using the IKEA kitchen planner is that it will likely be a long and frustrating process but that you will eventually get what you want in a kitchen.


    1. This program freezes.  Often.  You will be frustrated.  Plan ahead for some solid time to work with this program to get your kitchen exactly how you want it.

    2. Save your work constantly.  This will prevent you from losing your work when the program unexpectedly stops.  Another great feature is that you can save multiple plans if you aren’t sure exactly how you want your kitchen to look.

    3. Review your inventory list and pricing page.  This is very handy when you are working on a budget and are choosing between cabinet boxes or door fronts that vary in price.  Trying different options and reviewing the grand total is a helpful tool.  Also be aware that the inventory list automatically adds on hardware to assemble your kitchen.  This includes things like hinges, rails to suspend the upper cabinets on the wall, door dampers and base cabinet legs (that go behind the toekick, if that is what you are using).

    Inventory List (1)

    This is part of my current list of items and a lot of these items were added to my list automatically.  Be sure to check that you have ordered the correct items.  For example, I see here that the plinths I ordered are in stainless steel instead of colors to match my cabinetry.  I will have to change that!

    4. Only laminate and wood countertops can be added and priced in the IKEA 3D Kitchen Planner.  I plan to use quartz but prices and samples can only be found in store, not online.  For the purpose of seeing how the colors look together, I have been using a laminate in a similar color (Pragel in white). Just remember to delete these items from your plan before you take it to the store.  The purchase order for your kitchen is generated from your online plan.

    5. IKEA kitchen staff are helpful, if you can get one.  You made need to wait in line for a while to talk to somebody (especially if you are there during a kitchen event), but they are pros with the 3D planner and can fix any issues you may have.   Remember your email address, password and the name of the most current design plan you have saved and go to the store. The staff can pull up your design and provide you with assistance.

    Be Patient!  In the end, you get an amazing kitchen, exactly how it was planned.  Here is a pic of what I am starting with at my new house:


    SouthernAbbey.com Kitchen Before1


    SouthernAbbey.com Kitchenbefore2


    Here is my current mock up.

    Kitchen Mock Up

    It has already changed a lot from when I did my first draft.



    Follow along with me to see how my renovation progresses here at SouthernAbbey.com!



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  1. Iain says:

    Phew and I thought it was just me having problems with the Ikea kitchen planner! you’ll be glad to hear in 2015 its just as bad!

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